Remote Configuration

What is remote configuration?#

Remote configuration is a cloud service that allows direct server-side adjustments of an application's behavior or appearance. Developers can turn specific features of an application on or off by changing the configuration values on the server without having to update or distribute the application to users. This enables a variety of uses such as A/B testing, feature flag, and user setting customization.

Main features#

  1. Real-time changes on configuration

    • Specific parts of the application can be modified in real-time, allowing new features to be tested or existing features to be modified without needing to update or redistribute the application.
  2. User segmentation

    • Different settings can be applied based on various criteria such as user's location, language, usage patterns, etc., which is useful for targeted marketing or providing customized user experiences.
  3. A/B testing

    • Using different sets of configuration values, one can compare and determine which configuration yields betetr performance.
  4. Safe rollout

    • New features can be gradually released to the application to observe user reactions, and can be rolled back immediately if problems arise, minimizing risks.

Developers can manage the Remote Config settings in the Nbase dashboard, and applications use SDKs to query and apply these settings.

The following code retrieves the configuration value corresponding to "exampleKey" and stores it in the variable configValue. Subsequently, configValue can be used to adjust the application's behavior or UI, etc.

var configValue = NBaseSDK.NBase.getConfig("exampleKey");