Google Cloud Console API

Activate Google Cloud Console API#

  1. Select or create a new Google Cloud project to use.
  2. Go to the Google Play Android Developer API page and click the use button.

Create a service account#

  1. Click through Google Cloud Console > IAM & Admin > Service Accounts. Check if it's the project selected in the previous step and click create a service account.

  2. Enter the service account name and copy the ID (email address). Click Continue.

  3. Add the follwoing two roles:

    • Pub/Sub Admin (to enable developer real-time notifications)
    • Monitoring viewer (to monitor the notification queue)
  4. Do not enter anything in this step and click Done.

  5. Find the newly created account in the list, click the Action button, and click Manage keys. Generate a JSON key and save it as a local file. This generated key will be needed when registering it in the Nbase dashboard.

Set permissions in Google Play Console#

  1. Go to the Users and Permissions page and click Invite new user. Permissions
  2. Enter the email address created in the previous step. User invitation
  3. Select the following:
    • View app information and download reports (read-only)
    • View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses
    • Manage orders and subscriptions
    • Manage store presence Permissions
  4. Click Invite. Permissions can be granted to the account or added to one or more applications.

Register the Google authentication keys in the dashboard#

The Google API Key must be registered in the Nbase dashboard for use. Go to Project Settings > Store > Google Play. Enter the package name and key value, then save.